We are Readers' Cove Used Books & Gallery. The store has been a fixture in Deming, NM since 1996. We purchased the building and the business in April 2012, fulfilling one of those long ago dreams of having a fun business. 
We are Margaret Fairman and Dan Gauss, high school sweethearts (1967) from Ann Arbor, Michigan who reconnected in 2002, moved permanently to Deming in 2009, and finally got married on 09/09/09. 

Readers' Cove has a large inventory of great quality used books from fiction to history, esoterica, crafts, Western and Native American literature and history, literature, poetry, cookbooks, and on and on. The "Gallery" part of Readers' Cove is new. Dan is a professional photographer and offers a variety of art prints of Southwestern flora, fauna, nature, activities. Additional gift items are also available.

We are housed in an adobe house on the corner across from the Post Office. The house was built over 100 years ago and was a residence until the 1980's when it converted to business use. We have met several past residents when they returned to Deming for visits.